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This site has been designed to provide tabs for steel guitar players looking for an easy way to play the melodies of Old Time Bluegrass, Country & Western, Gospel, Hawaiian, and Western Swing WITHOUT THE USE OF PEDALS. For over 63 years, Bill Chaviers transcribed music by hand into steel guitar tabs. He digitally converted over 10,350 tablature transcriptions in various tunings mainly in A6, G, C6, E6, C#m, E7, E9 and E13 in over 1,670 TITLES. All of the tabs include chords and words, if available. Bill Chaviers created these tabs to help those who do not have ready access to the music or instructors.

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MY HISTORY IN MUSIC, by Bill Chaviers

Hello, I am Bill Chaviers (Shavers); I started playing steel guitar in 1946. A lot of us in those days raised the strings on our arch-top or flat-top guitars. Above is a replica of my first Fender Champion (a very special note of thanks to Brad Bechtel for letting me use his picture). I wanted to learn to play Hawaiian Music. My main Hawaiian Music influences were Dick McIntire, Sol Hoopi, and Tau Moe to name a few. Then on the scene came JERRY BYRD . I finally got to meet him while attending Scotty's Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis in 1978 when Jerry, Leon McAuliffe and Alvino Rey were inducted into the STEEL GUITAR HALL OF FAME.
I would listen to WSM radio and Hawaii Calls on the short wave and try to learn by ear. I then decided to seek out a mentor to help teach me how to play. I had many teachers and the last one was Herb Remington. He finally told me "Not to give up my day job" because I was much too lazy to practice so I could try and play professionally.
I can sit and listen to most of today's music (with cotton in my ears) but my favorite music is Hawaiian. My all time favorite bands include Spade Cooley, Hank Thompson and The Brazos Valley Boys, and Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys. My all time favorite Hawaiian Steel Guitar players are Jerry Byrd, Sol Hoopi, David Kelii, Tau Moe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Herb Remington, L. T. Zinn, Ken Ufton, and Rudy Wairata to name only a few.
I started seriously transcribing music while I was studying with Herb Remington. He tutored me in this area and I really took a liking to it. He showed me the chords and keys and how to properly arrange the sheet music into steel guitar format. It has taken over 63 years and over 80,000 man hours to produce these tablatures and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do creating them.

MAHALO and enjoy the tabs


This is just a exercise we wrote up over 60 years ago and I have posted it here to show what the tabs you request will look like.


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